Functions of the WSO

The WSO provides a special service for investors by offering advice and answers for questions and enquiries about the city of Oberwart as a business location. In addition to that, the WSO addresses potential investors.

The WSO has a broad range of duties. However, its focus is on business-settlement, marketing, and business-development in Oberwart.


- create and secure future-oriented jobs

- raise living-standard and guarantee social-security

- establish Oberwart as a centre of international and intercultural projects and activities


Tasks accomplished by the WSO

- location-conditioning and analysis

- analysing the potential success of your business in Oberwart

- development of innovative projects

- development of strategically important relationships (for your business)

- raising the importance of Oberwart as a business location



- marketing of the business location Oberwart

- establishing Oberwart as a business location on an international level

- synergetic support of city-marketing

- infrastructure


Business settlement

- settlement of new businesses

- focus on acquisition of investors and businesses

- help and consultation for investors who want to found and establish new businesses in Oberwart

- professional support in business-settlement


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