The already existing economy of Oberwart guarantees success for future investors. Oberwart is a TOP BUSINESS LOCATION. Geographically situated at the heart of Europe the city offers investors a number of benefits:

- manpower


- high life-quality


- investment grants


- different possible settlement areas


- eco-energy


- geographically advantageous location




Important facts about Oberwart and its catchment area.

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Its geographic location underlines Oberwart´s importance in East-European trade. As regards international trade, Oberwart is geographically situated at the entrance to important European markets (the Balkans, Hungary,…). In addition to that:

- Oberwart has direct access to the A2 motorway which connects Vienna and Graz (Austria´s most important cities), there is also a good speedway-connection to Budapest and Munich

- Szombathely is only 30 minutes (with the car) away

- railway connection for business transfers

- from Oberwart you can reach airports Vienna and Graz within 60 minutes

- due to its geographic location you can reach Hungary, Slowenia, Slovakia, and Croatia in short time



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Its geographic location, at the border to Hungary, helped Oberwart to become a centre of trade between the European Union and East-European markets.

Through the ratification of the Schengen-Contract the great majority of economically strong East-European trade markets are accessible without borders and customs duty. Therefore a subsidiary in Oberwart offers investors the possibility to gain quick access to important East-European markets.

In addition to that, the construction of the B63a road, an important bypass which connects the city with important regional roads, contributed positively to the attractiveness of Oberwart as a business location.


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As regards human resources, the city of Oberwart has always focussed and will always focus on education and training of skilled workforce.

Oberwart offers:

- modern, up-to-date education for workers in various fields of business

- proximity to high-tech technology centres

- multi-lingual education (Hungarian, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

With the help of the WSO and its competent partners the city of Oberwart is able to offer investors and businesses valuable connections to important regional enterprises.

Companies profit from the valuable resources of the city of Oberwart and the whole region.

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Fachhochschule Pinkafeld
Gesundheitsakademie Jormannsdorf
HBLA für Mode, Produktmanagement Tourismus und Wirtschaft Oberwart
Handelsakademie und Handelsschule Oberwart
HTL Pinkafeld
Zweisprachiges Gymnasium Oberwart

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In addition to the advantages for businesses listed above, Oberwart offers an exceptional high life-quality. This is a consequence of the fact that Oberwart offers a vast number of culture-, sport-, wellness-, and other facilities.

Business and Wellness is ubiquitous in Oberwart.

This exceptional high life-quality is very beneficial for any kind of business activities.

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Avita Thermenhotel Bad Tatzmannsdorf
Burgenlandtherme Bad Tatzmannsdorf
Reiters Burgenlandresort
Thermenresort Stegersbach

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Burgenland is a primary development area of the European Union. Therefore businesses who settle down or open up subsidiaries in Oberwart can expect to achieve financial support by funds of the EU, the Austrian government, and the government of Burgenland.

According to EU competition-law investment incentives in Burgenland, and therefore also in Oberwart, can be higher than in the rest of Austria.

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Settlement areas in Oberwart are characterised by modern, and future-oriented infrastructure.

Companies profit from this modern infrastructure.


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modern bio-energy plant offers:


- 90° Celsius

- 24h/ per day

- 365 days/ year

for an affordable price!


The international research-project “methanation” is conducted in cooperation in with the EEE Centre for Renewable Energy in Güssing.

technological data:

- fuel heat power: 9,00 MW thermic

- generator power: 3,0 MW electric/21.000 MWh

- produced heat: 4,10 MW th/ 24.000 MWh

- fuel: 20.000 tons/year

Companies profit from eco-energy supply.

Energie Burgenland Oberwart

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